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Prayer ideas to try together

Ideas for small groups

Praying small groups is a great way to grow closer to God as a community. Whether your gathering with friends, a prayer triplet, a cell, small or house group, or with fellow students or co-workers, small numbers make for a flexible time of prayer. If you’re not in a small group already then gather a group of three to eight people and find a place and time to meet regularly.

Prayer ideas to try together

  • Keep a Prayer Journal: Have a prayer journal to record the things you pray for and how God answers them. It is an amazing reminder of the way God works and a great thing to look back on each week.
  • Prayer Walk: Pick a neighbourhood or place and walk with the intention of asking God to show you where He’s at work, what He cares about and how you can pray.  See our prayer walking page for more.
  • The Lord’s Prayer: Divide the Lords Prayer (Matthew 6:9-13) into sentences and take it in turns to expand on the meaning and lead the group in prayer for that theme.
  • Pray For Each Other: Put a chair in the middle of the group and have one person at a time take turns in the chair while the rest lay hands on them and pray. If people are unfamiliar with praying aloud then start by asking everyone to pray one short, positive and blessing prayer over the person you’re focussing on. You can dedicate a prayer meeting to praying for everyone in the group or you can pray this way for one person each week.
  • Get creative: engage all five senses and try varying the style and method of prayer.  Use silence, speaking out and song.  Try eating something as you pray for hunger for God to be stirred in your area.  You could ever write, draw or paint the answer to what you’re praying for.  For more ideas go to ‘How to pray creatively’.
  • Study Prayer: Read a chapter of a book on prayer each week, discuss it and practice what you learn.
  • Pray for your city: Take a city newspaper from the day or week. Have the small group go through it and find things to pray for. Then pray for them and the current events in the city.
  • Don’t stop because your times up: at each meeting every member of the group could write a prayer request on a small piece of paper. These can be swapped and everyone take someone else’s need home with them. Each week you could have a different person and request as your prayer project.

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